Advancing Women's Leadership

Advancing Women's Leadership

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Advancing Women's Leadership

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Sydney, 2000, Sydney, Australia


28 März, 2028

Advancing Women's Leadership

Advancing Women’s Leadership Program - 1 Day Seminar

This Advancing Women's Leadership Seminar will accelerate you to achieving your career and business goals by helping you to access and live your authentic purpose. Becoming clear about your values, goals and life direction are only the beginning steps to fulfilling your leadership and business potential. As women, we often self-sabotage our success by playing too small and not thinking big enough. If you have a big dream, then you will need a clear vision to help your manifest your leadership goals.

This 1-day seminar will provide you with the opportunity to set your leadership goals and metrics to achieve them.

Topics include:

Identify your leadership skills and internal assets and maximise their potential by learning how to effectively set goals.

Learn the power of influence by projecting a professional leadership style.

Identify your success blockers and self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent you from achieving your business and or leadership goals.

Identify your limiting belief program structure and then strategise how to eliminate it for good.

Power of words - assertive communication and presentation strategies to strengthen your presence and impact.

Maximise your impact and get 'unstuck' by overcoming self-doubt and comparing yourself to others.

Learn Resilience strategies to help you bounce back during setbacks as you move towards your goals.

Increase your Emotional Intelligence and learn strategies to improve your self-confidence and personal brand.

What People Are Saying - Testimonials

The atmosphere was very warm, collaborative and full of feminine strength. Very uplifting and the questionnaires for self-evaluation were very helpful. The course was covered at a good pace. (Norma- Melbourne 2017)

The small group was an excellent way to learn and to connect with the other women. This program delivered above what I was expecting. I really enjoyed every session. I am not good at sticking to something but I wouldn’t have missed a session. (Marie – Melbourne 2017)

Marina is very clear and positive in her communication and she creates a calm environment. She is very engaging. This course has given me a lot to think about and learning about conflict management styles and how to develop my presentation skills really helped increase my level of self-awareness. (Vanessa- Melbourne 2017)

This Leadership program delivered above what I thought it would. It has really helped me develop assertive communication skills, dealing with conflict, and my ability to speak in front of an audience. It was great. (Zoe – Melbourne 2017)

The Assertiveness Skills and Conflict Management Workshop was just excellent. I learned how to analyse the situation, emotions, conflicting styles and tools to help prevent conflict from escalating. Keep going, excellent – thank you very much. (Dr Calabrese – Brisbane 2017)

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