Canine Massage Day

Canine Massage Day

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Canine Massage Day

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Hydropaws, Unit 7, Whitefield Place, LA3 3EA, Morecambe, United Kingdom


29 April, 2018

Canine Massage Day

This 1 day workshop will enable you to massage your own dog at home. About Gail

"Throughout my career I have had some fantastic opportunities, the latest of which was being asked to be the Wales Agility Teams Physical Therapist for the WAOs in 2015 & 2016. This was a challenging role which I really enjoyed, of course the role included warming the dogs up and advising on cooling the dogs down after events. I was also asked to watch for any possible injuries during training events and looking at solving issues if possible.

I was also asked in 2014 to do a talk on hydrotherapy at the Physiotherapy Expo in London, This was a great opportunity and I was very pleased to have been asked to talk at such a prestigious event.

I love working with such a wide array of clients from my pet clients, veterinary clients through to the sports dogs. Over the years I have been working with many of the top sports dogs in a variety of sports.

Flyball – Clients include members of the current British record holding team. And British representatives who have been competing in the European Flyball Competitions.

Sheep Dog Trialling – Clients include Richard Hutchinson’s Sweep and Roy, English national champions individually and in Brace. Many World trial Winnings and more recently Internation Champion and Reserve. Emma Grays’ Roy, recently Emma was one of the trainers on “Flockstars” Michael Longton often gets his dogs checked before the English National trials to ensure his dogs are running at optimum performance.

Agility – Nicola and Alan Wildman both have been past and present members of the Team GB Squad and the English WAO squad. Competing with places at Crufts on many occasions. Wyre Large and small teams qualified for crufts 2015, all dogs then worked with myself on fitness and conditioning in the run up to crufts, both going on to come 2nd in their events. I have also worked with Stuart and Ann Harmes dogs and several of the Welsh agility team and have done for a few years now.

I have also produced videos for the Agility Secrets online learning platform and have taught on the July Camp run by Laura Chudleigh."

This workshop is ideal for pet owners and sports dog owners.

Look for early signs of injury or old age and help to make your dog more comfortable in older age. Ideal for younger dogs who may go out for long walks to help loosen tight muscle and prevent injuries. Massaging your dog helps to build a better and stronger bond between you and your dog. Covered in this course - Full Massage techniques to use at home - Basic Anatomy - Gait Analysis (How does your dog move) - Contra-Indications - Caring for the Older Dog - Warming up and cooling down the sports dog

£35 for the full day including handouts and certificates. Tea/coffee, biscuits and cakes provided


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