Canine Wellness & Balanced Behaviours

Canine Wellness & Balanced Behaviours

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Canine Wellness & Balanced Behaviours

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Tail Waggers Seminars, The Round House, Common Barn Farm, Tamworth Road, WS14 9PX, Lichfield, United


04 März, 2018

Canine Wellness & Balanced Behaviours

This talk will provide you with alternative and natural methods to co-exist with, interact with, teach, work and enjoy your dog. You will learn the importance of canine wellness, what this means, how this affects your dog's behaviour, personality, performance, interaction, health and longevity as well as how you can affect your dog's wellness. The course typically covers the following:

~ What is canine wellness? ~ What do we need to include in canine wellness? ~ Understanding the biology of a dog, from a cellular level ~ Why cells are important for survival ~ What are emotions and their importance for canines ~ The individual causes of wellness ~ Functional Character ~ Natural Competition ~ Communication, learning and behaviour ~ Safety ~ Trust ~ Trauma ~ Environment and life stages ~ Natural healing therapies

SUNDAY 4th MARCH 2018 - 10am Tickets are £50 for the day which includes lunch & refreshments.

About the Speaker: Dr Isla Fishburn is a Canine Wellness Coach who has a BSc in Zoology and a MBiolSci and PhD in Conservation Biology. Isla has spent several years interacting with large groups of captive wolves, wolf hybrids, wolf dogs and domestic dogs where she learned to apply her knowledge about conservation, wellness and canine biology to educate dog guardians, professionals and researchers about canine wellness, health and conservation.

As a canine wellness coach, Isla focuses on many aspects of a canine to improve and support longevity, happiness, balance and harmony. Her running theme is always on ecosystem conservation, from the individual level up. She uses a range of techniques, therapies and methods based on her knowledge as a zoologist as well as her time spent with captive wolves and how she learnt about their wellness.

Isla has an extensive list of other qualifications that she has gained in furthering her knowledge of wellness and to provide the best support she can to conserve the health and longevity of all of life.


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