Control is an Illusion - looking at impulse control thoughtfully

Control is an Illusion - looking at impulse control thoughtfully

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Control is an Illusion - looking at impulse control thoughtfully

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THE PET EMPAWRIUM, 2 Glenburn Road, College Milton, East Kilbride, G74 5BA, East Kilbride, United Ki


02 Juni, 2018
03 Juni, 2018

Control is an Illusion - looking at impulse control thoughtfully

CONTROL IS AN ILLUSION: A More Thoughtful Approach to the Teaching of Impulse Control

Please join us on the 2nd and 3rd June 2018 for an amazing opportunity to learn about dogs with Sarah Owings, Karen Pryor Academy Faculty. This is an event aimed at all dog trainers, competitors and enthusiasts. Impulse Control is often a term used to describe dogs but what does it really tell us? Is it a problem with the dog himself or the way he has learned certain behaviours?

Day one will be a human based learning day without dogs where attendees will learn about and practice the following concepts and skills

Concepts: - What stimulus control is, and what it isn't - Why it is important to think in terms of “communication”, NOT control when using cues - Why it is important not to overlay clicker training concepts on top of a traditional mindset - Why stimulus control is a skill every clicker trained dog needs to understand right from the beginning, not something tacked on later after shaping is done. - Why extinction is not always the most helpful teaching tool - The power of cues as green lights for behaviour

Skills: - how to teach pre-requisite skills for stimulus control: stand and wait and release cues - how to set up a training session in a way that makes it clear what rule structure you are operating under: shaping or cueing - how to teach with stimulus control as a goal from the very beginning of the shaping process - how to teach waiting for cues without extinction - how to deal with cueing errors - how to balance the reinforcement-history between offering behaviours and waiting for cues

Day two is centred on observing and putting the learning of day 1 into practice with the assistance of dogs who are attending.

The number of dog and handler places is strictly limited to 6 as this is a learning event for humans rather than a training workshop for dogs. On day two we will be able to really delve into the detail of what is going on with our dogs' learning. This will be a truly unique and amazing learning experience for all those attending.

The event will be held at The Pet Empawrium, 2 Glenburn Rd, East Kilbride, G74 5BA (near Glasgow)

Ticket options

Super Early Bird - £130 for the weekend/ £70 Saturday only - available until Feb 14th or 1st 30 places, whichever first

Early Bird - £160 for the weekend/ £85 Saturday only - available until 1st April

Standard - £180 for the weekend/ £95 Saturday only

Handler and dog - full weekend - £130 (limited to 6)

Super early bird places are not refundable. 50% refunds available until 15th April 2018. Places are transferable.

Please contact for any further information and booking.

Bookings will be taken from 6th January, please let us know if you are interested in attending.

We look forward to seeing you in June.

Biography: Sarah Owings is passionate about reaching challenging learners. She specializes in the practical application of behavioural principles to help transform the lives of fearful, shut down, and over-the-top dogs. As the owner of Bridges Dog Training, and a regular contributor to online training forums, she is known for her innovative approaches to tough behaviour problems, and her compassionate and insightful teaching. She serves as faculty at ClickerExpo, an instructor for Karen Pryor Academy, as well as an advisor to the Glendale Humane Society in Los Angeles. She is a regular contributor to Clean Run Magazine on topics such as stimulus control, release cues, and toy-related cues. She is also an avid Nose Work competitor, and co-teaches Cyber Scent with Helix Fairweather, an online foundation skills course for scent detection taught with clicker training.


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