Dogs in Motion

Dogs in Motion

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Dogs in Motion


Pershore College (Part of WCG) Pershore United Kingdom


01 September, 2018

Dogs in Motion

Dr Martin Fischer - A great day on dogs and their motion - how they carry themselves, what moves when and why! Broaden your knowledge on this fascinating subject, able to apply some of the principles to your training and handling of your dog, whatever the sport - Agility, Obedience, Working Trials, Field Trails, Flyball etc.

Dr Fisher will share his findings from the world famous book, Dogs in Motion, which will give us an insight into the way our dogs move. Based on the results of the largest scale study on the subject ever carried out, an experiment which involved over 300 dogs and 32 different breeds. This day will deliver completely new insights into the motion sequences performed by dogs.

Martin S. Fischer is full professor and director of the Institut für Spezielle Zoologie und Evolutionsbiologie of the Friedrich - Schiller - Universität at Jena since 1993. He received his Diploma in Biology and his Ph.D., Zoology from the University of Tübingen, Germany; was a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Human Anatomy at the Universiy of Frankfurt am Main and assistant professor again Tübingen. Martin S. Fischer has a deep interest in functional morphology, and he integrates experimental approaches using a broad array of setups with classics such as comparative anatomy. One of his key concerns is to understand the evolution of motion systems. He integrates computer modelling, biomechanics and even robotics into his research. He has developed high-speed X-ray videography to a new level and has applied it together with many coworkers to a large variety of tetrapods. Besides this, he is Museum director and initiates and participates on the national level on the future of scientific collections. He has been dean of his faculty and senator of the university for many years. His cynological work concentrates on the motion system of dogs and studies on their mastication. He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Kennel Club (VDH).

An educational and informative day, lunch & refreshments are provided, please state dietary requirements when booking.

There is plenty of space to walk dogs etc at lunch time, but there are no dogs in the conference room. Please bear this in mind when parking or making arrangements for the day.


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