Ellenton, FL - Jeff Gellman's Remote Collar Dog Training Seminar

Ellenton, FL - Jeff Gellman's Remote Collar Dog Training Seminar

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Ellenton, FL - Jeff Gellman's Remote Collar Dog Training Seminar

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K9 Rules Training Camp, LLC, 6208 29th St E, 34222, Ellenton, United States


27 Januar, 2018
28 Januar, 2018

Ellenton, FL - Jeff Gellman's Remote Collar Dog Training Seminar


Two-day Hands-On REMOTE COLLAR Training Workshop

hosted by Tracy Peabody of K9 Rules Training Camp

(9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday; lunch and snacks provided)

*If you are interested in attending BOTH Ellenton, FL seminars (January 13-14 and January 27-28) please use the seminar link below to purchase tickets as there are discounted options for those who wish to come to both!


Spend two days with Jeff during this Remote Collar Seminar!

With so many owners struggling with their dogs, finally a no-nonsense way to communicate, train and connect with your dog for real results.

Even the most out of control dogs can be quite easily trained in a short period of time utilizing the correct tools, techniques, and philosophies. No matter the issue or problem behavior, you are welcome to bring your dog to this seminar. Jeff will work tirelessly with you and your dog on both days focusing on your dog's most important issues. Some behaviors will be resolved immediately, and Jeff will provide all participants with a personalized plan of action to work on at home.

One of the most misunderstood pieces of dog training equipment will be explained and used all weekend on the dogs in attendance. We have a great layering system that involves food, leash, training collar and remote so dogs get excited when they see the remote collar.

Often called “shock collars” and demonized in the dog training world. Find out why more and more people are starting to use remote collars to train their dogs.

We do not look at the remote collar as the last choice but the best choice and the first choice. For puppies as young as 14 weeks to the most nervous and aggressive dogs it is not only an off leash training tool, but a rehab and state of mind tool that can actually destress, relax and whisper to a dog in order to change the dog's state of mind.

We take the mystery out of the training as many folks feel the remote collar is a complicated piece of training equipment, with our pressure on/off training system we make it very easy for you, the dog handler and the dog to understand the training.

The wonders of a remote collar to communicate what you want up to 1 mile away with a whisper or a shout is an incredible way to build a great relationship with your dog.

With this 2 day seminar which is geared for dog owners and dog trainers who have never used a remote collar to folks who have been using them, but want to either brush up on their skills or clean up some mistakes they have made with them. These seminars are geared towards both dog owners and dog trainers.

Weekend Itinerary:

Learn how to find your dogs working level

Learn how and why the dog understands the pressure on/off switch and is motivated to learn

Learn how the dog gets excited about the remote collar

Prevent your dog from being collar smart

Learn all the basic commands, Sit/Down/Place/Recall and remote collar heeling

Learn when to use a correction level with your dog

Learn easy to learn drills that you can train in your living room that transfer to large open areas

Learn how to get off of prompt mode (using the collar every time you give a command) and move to correction mode (you only need it when the dog does not listen)

Learn how we can fundamentally change the state of mind with the dog utilizing the remote at such low levels humans do not even feel them. (push button Calm on Command)

There's More!

We also spend time on behavior modification with your dog, what I call the art of eliminating bad behaviors.

Remote collars are some of the best tools to eliminate jumping, barking, biting, resource guarding, barrier aggression, and dog and human aggression.

Learn how remote collars are one of the best tools to eliminate separation anxiety.

With all of the talk of low-level remote collar training (which we do a lot of), when do you use a higher level? what behaviors do you use it on to permanently stop? Learn how to do it responsibly and effectively.

Learn how the remote collar is the best tool for nervous/fearful/anxious dogs (yep, goes against what most people would think)

Understand how to properly punish your dog's unwanted behavior in a calm and non-emotional way. We call it a calm correction, the most effective way to communicate what you do not want your dog to do. In a way that they understand.

More Information:

Working spots are for one human/dog pair - $450

Audit spots are for humans only, you do not bring a dog - $300

These prices do not include the price of a remote collar. We will have Ecollar Technology 300 and 800 models available for sale. You are welcome to bring your own, we train on Ecollar Technology brand, but you can also bring Dogtra Collars.

*All tickets are non-refundable. However, a ticket may be transferred to another owner/dog, if the original person can no longer attend. If transferring your ticket to another owner/dog, the new prospective attendee must fill out the above Training Contract and submit vaccination records before attending the seminar.


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