FCI Obedience and motivation training weekend with Anna Scelsa

FCI Obedience and motivation training weekend with Anna Scelsa

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FCI Obedience and motivation training weekend with Anna Scelsa

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12 Mai, 2018
13 Mai, 2018

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Rolling Paws, dog training & behaviour in Cheshire

FCI Obedience and motivation training weekend with Anna Scelsa

12-13 May 2018

Italian competitive obedience trainer and handler Anna Scelsa will come to Middlewich to teach two days on:

- FCI obedience exercise: how to! - Perfect and powerful heelwork - Motivation using toy play and/or food - speed in execution keeping accuracy - relationship building - understanding how to train your dog to perfection with positive reinforcement and high motivation - building self control

The workshop will be at Brooksfield Farm, with outdoor and indoor in case of rain.

Cost for handler (you can work only 1 dog per day) 1 day £90 2 days £160

spectator costs 1 day £45 2 days £75

Possibility of camping for £10 per night

to book either message me or email me at martina.rollingpaws@gmail.com

Something about Anna

With her older dog Gingerbell Y ahora que: FCI Obedience class 3 Italian Obedience champion 1st of the day at the Obedience World Championship 2017 and best score of the two days 303/320 4th overall on the final winner of De Reus cup with CACIOB and winner of International Obedience competition in Hungary

Class 2 with Gingerbell Invidia her younger dog

Anna trains also in Disc Dog, Agility and Sheepdog trials with her orther dogs

Working and competing with horses always following a positive and ethology aspect of training, she starts training with dog in 2012. Obedience for Anna is precision and motivation, where motivation needs to come always first. Anna trains dogs to be fast and powerful, always happy, willing to please and work with the owners. Coercion and negativa technique when training dogs shouldn't exist. With her training Anna want to make sure that the dogs feel safe while working and not afraid to do mistakes.

Her mentors have been: Valeria Maranò (WC Italian Team Paris 2011) Anna Maria Cini (WC Italian Team since 2000 with three different dogs) Carlo Colafranceschi ( behaviourist and and creator of Senso Puppy) Nowadays her tutor is Christa Enqvist (Finnish team member with several medals in WC) whom training method she follow and teach.

She works for several training schools around Italy, does seminars abroad and also work with IPO and UD handlers that want to work using positive methods.


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