Flyball Practice

Flyball Practice

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Camo Cross Dog Training, 3526 SE 21st St, 66607, Topeka, United States


24 September, 2017

Flyball Practice

Our practices are held at Camo Cross Dog Training in Topeka. We welcome all new members! The facility will charge a rent, so the fee per person/family will be $5.

Please remember to bring: -A crate for your dog (or your dog can stay in the car when not working if the temperature is safe) -Some kind of motivator/reward like a tug toy (if your dog has tug drive, definitely try that first), favorite toy, or treats -A water bowl for your dog -Poop bags -Leash. When the dogs will be working, they will likely be off leash, but when they aren't working, they will need to be on a leash or put away in a crate. -$5 for your practice fee -Dog, of course!

Also, if you are just starting out, the articles below are a great resource to get you going. We will be practicing a lot of these activities.

If you have trouble finding us or have questions, you can call me at 651-202-7202, my name is Becca.

You can also reach Camo Cross at 785-408-6127 for more accurate Topeka directions as I do not know the city well ;)

Here are some suggestions from Camo Cross for finding the facility: Our building sits off the road so you will want to turn down the drive just after Eaton roofing. You can see our building from the road but sometimes people miss it because it's not right ON the road.


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