Get Active! - Start ANY Wednesday!

Get Active! - Start ANY Wednesday!

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Pack of Paws Dog Training, 529 Ashland Ave Suites 8 & 9 (Route 131), 01550, Southbridge, United Stat


27 September, 2017

Get Active! - Start ANY Wednesday!

4 Weeks Trainer: Kristine Rich

Pre-requisite: Basic Obedience, basic skills of Sit, Down, short stay, Recall and some Leash Skills. This is not a basic obedience class.

This class is great for every dog from couch potatoes to highly active dogs!

In this class, you will increase motivation by building on the skills you learned in basic obedience, teaching your dog games, participating in fun activities, running agility courses and more!

Dogs enjoy working for rewards rather getting everything for free. This type of training will not only improve your relationship and bond with your dog - it's a great workout, too!

Learn how to teach your dog to make good choices Properly use tug as a reward to make training more fun and interactive Teach your dog the rules of fetch including dropping the toy consistently Practice different tricks that improve body awareness for clumsy dogs Ideas to tire your dog out in small indoor space Our techniques help timid dogs build confidence and trust Learn the basics for teaching complicated tricks Confidence courses for shy dogs Prepare for any dog sport that you would like to try including: Agility, Flyball, Rally, Freestyle, etc.

This class is Open Enrollment which means that you can start anytime and continue for as long as you want. Students will all work at their own pace.

No reactive dogs. Dog must be in healthy physical condition.


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