Paws in Parnell

Paws in Parnell

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Paws in Parnell

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Heard Park, 168 Parnell Road, 1052, Auckland, New Zealand


01 Oktober, 2017

Paws in Parnell

AUCKLAND! Get ready to pamper you pooch!

You know how you and your friends were just saying the other day how great it would be "if only there was a DOGGY MARKET right here in Auckland?" Well, luckily enough, it's really a thing! The market of your dreams is finally here with everything dog related you and your pooch could ever imagine.

Plus it's only the coolest stuff too. You're not going to see any of it in all the bulk stores! It's what La Cigale Market is to us all vs the supermarket.

On the first Sunday of every month starting in October 2017 bring your pup for a stroll to Heard Park, Parnell.

There will be between 14-18 local doggy businesses, showing off there stuff. Wow. So many right?

Now that most of us are too busy paying off our mortgages rather than having a two-legged child, the option to have the furry version is appealing and it has meant that all of these really amazing 'doggy businesses' have popped up to cater to the demand. All stuff you really want to buy too because it's made in NZ and oh so cute.

Parnell Business Association and Kin Ltd have created a local mini-market with a bunch of the best doggy products Auckland has to offer.

Grab a coffee and spoil your pooch with all the doggy treats and beaut doggy stuff! More details to come soon. Woof! X


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