Report Writing: The essential guide

Report Writing: The essential guide

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Report Writing: The essential guide

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The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, Nr Coventry


25 Oktober, 2018

Report Writing: The essential guide

Writing reports is a pain in the ass for any behaviourists and trainer! It doesn’t have to be. Each participant will leave with a clear list of content to create, how to create that content as well as a new and improved way to write reports.

- Giving the vet what they need through reporting - Style, humour and narrative - Remaining professional without writing an academic journal - Word count, structure and what to include - Conveying key points with compassion - Including enough detail without it turning into an essay - Where video can fit and how to create great content for your clients - Summing up without concluding - Using the report to help clients progress - Tables, charts and measurement systems

We will go through introductions, consultation reviewing, how-tos, confounding variables, summarises and next step sections. If writing each report is currently taking up hours, you are loosing money. You are probably also likely loosing your mind as it can feel frustrating and demotivating. Freshen up your process with this seminar and walk away with a new report writing protocol.

​Early Bird Price of £80 until 15th March 2018, after that £95 Paypal

> Account Number: 21248647 > Sort Code: 09-01-27

> PLEASE USE ; FFTT AS A REFERENCE AND THEN EMAIL to confirm so we can let you know we have recieved your deposit. Leave a comment if you've paid! Refunds are not available


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