‘Resource Guarding’: an umbrella term

‘Resource Guarding’: an umbrella term

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Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire


18 Oktober, 2018

‘Resource Guarding’: an umbrella term

Resource related aggression is one of the most severe and scary behaviour problems a pet dog owner can face. Often described as a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ the umbrella term described a context where upon sight of bone a sweet and affectionate pet can turn into a source of concern and worry for the whole family.

Information about how to change these dogs behaviour has been scant since Jean Donaldson published her book ‘Mine’ 14 years ago in 2002.

This course, the only one of its kind, isn’t frightened to tackle the practical. Providing innovative and original ideas along with practical solutions based on the most current research. Rather than a strictly theoretical approach, international speaker and widely respected dog training and behaviour practitioner Jo-Rosie Haffenden (Channel 4’s Rescue Dog to Super Dog and ITV’s Teach My Pet) makes the science fun, and explores what TO DO ideas about training dogs who present with undesirable resource related issues.

The material includes:

What is resource related aggression What does the umbrella term Resource Guarding mean and is it a useful construct? Breaking down labels: what behaviours are seen in relation to this label and how do we classify them? Types of ‘resource guarding’ Adaptive normal behaviours and maladaptive problem behaviours Are some dogs more likely than others to present with resource related issues in particular ways? ‘Guarding’ breed behaviour vs gun dog breed behaviour Genetics, DNA and epigenetics Rescue dogs and ‘resource guarding’: what current research tells us about assessments Fake hands and other poor practices History forms and medical professional inclusion The brain and resource related aggression Resource holding potential and other relevant social constructs Practical application to help us know what can actually help Training through a problem Preventing the problem Workable management strategies Practical ways to change behaviour around resources Pain and other important factors

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