September Dog Walk

September Dog Walk

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Downtown Massillon, Massillon, 1500 OAK Ave SE, 44646, Massillon, United States


30 September, 2017

September Dog Walk

We've started this group for local dogs of all breeds to get out and enjoy a walk in our vibrant downtown, and onto the Towpath(if desired) Don't have a dog? We will have beautiful foster pups, in need of a good home looking for someone to walk them. (please message me to let me know you are eager to walk a foster, and we will bring a pooch for you) Adoptable dogs and fosters are welcome, as well and have them wear an adopt me vest if you like, to let fellow walkers know they are in need of a good home.

Mission Statement: The purpose of our monthly Dog walk is to create a structured environment to exercise and socialize our dogs. We recognize the importance of being responsible dog owners in order to raise confident, stable dogs, while working towards improving the image of dog owners. We welcome all types of dogs, and encourage owners who are working on reactivity and socialization issues to join us. Our dogs are always in training, and we will strives to be a constructive experience for every dog and his owner, regardless of what issues they are working through.

In order to achieve our goals, all members must abide by the following rules. There will be no exceptions. Anyone who cannot abide by these rules will be asked to leave the group.

* No dog interactions: at no point before or during the walk shall dogs be permitted to greet one another, sniff each other, etc. There will be no physical interaction between the dogs whatsoever. It is the rhythm of walking together as a pack that is a positive, dog-social experience. To that end, structured pack walking can be an incredibly therapeutic, rewarding experience for a dog. However, if you are looking for a group where your dog can “meet” new dogs and play, this is not the group for you. And we highly recommend the dog park here in massillon, for a solid playful intereaction. This will be a hard one, even for me to follow, but i must remember it is a positve structured walk, and it will embrace their pack like qualities, and the walk is about the dogs, and our respect for our beloved canines.

*Minimum one handler per dog: one human per dog, and one dog per human. Extra humans welcome to help organize the pack!

*Respect Space: when we begin our walks, we will aim to keep approximately 5 feet between each dog. As the walk progresses, and the dogs get into the groove of pack walking, the distance between the dogs will likely reduce. Towards the end of the walk many dogs may end up walking side by side. Although, some dogs may require additional space throughout the entire walk.

*Follow Instructions: A few organizers will be navigating throughout the pack as we move along. If an organizer asks you or your dog to move up towards the front or hang towards the back, please do so, and don’t take it personally! The goal is to find where each dog fits in to the pack most comfortably, and modify accordingly. Every dog will be different.

*No Retractable Leashes: in order to ensure that each handler has proper control of his or her dog, please use leashes of no longer than 6 feet, and leave the retractable ones at home.

*Respect Local Laws and Ordinances: At no time will we , willingly violate local leash laws, and all owners are expected to clean up after their dogs.

*Furthermore, please be sure that your dog has the proper licenses and vaccinations

*hosts are just that, hosts. You are ultimately responsible for the safety of your pup. and we can not be held liable for any unfortunate mishaps. the success of this, relys on personal responsibility and it is in everyone's best interest to nurture a positive vibe:-)


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