Step up to the Mark with Platform Training!

Step up to the Mark with Platform Training!

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Step up to the Mark with Platform Training!

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Danestone Community Centre, AB228ZP, Aberdeen, United Kingdom


17 März, 2018

Step up to the Mark with Platform Training!

Saturday, Foundation Workshop A brief overview A platform is a raised object that creates a raised surface for the dog to stand on (or sit or lie down). However, a platform can be a great tool for teaching both foundation behaviours and advanced skills. In platform training there are typically multiple platforms and each type of platform serves a different purpose, making platforms an extremely versatile training tool. Platforms are nothing new. They’ve been used in circuses and zoos for years, but mainly used as a ’docking station’ for an animal whist not ‘in use’. Dogs seem to like them, having a natural enjoyment of being raised on something. They quickly associate positively to the platforms, as they are rewarding and lots of FUN! With platforms, you can shape a variety of behaviours, plus they present the perfect avenues for your dog to offer behaviours, making your dog think in a partnership with the handler! An added benefit is that it enables working at distance far quicker than many other pieces of equipment. It is used in the freestyle world, as it offers the opportunity to quickly develop behaviours and tricks with precise body movement. Raised platforms, used effectively, can help your dog learn precise positions and master new behaviours far more effectively than usual training techniques. Platforms are practically indispensable when training your canine partner in distance work too! We train your dog to go to a platform and because the platform is correctly sized to the dog, the dog learns to stand on it in the perfect position which means no more wonky heel and close positions and far more precision on movement and understanding from your dog! Tickets via Dog and Handler £80 Spectators £35 The above prices are discounted for those of you who would like to attend both days. Eog/Handler £130, Spectators £50. Limited places available and these are likely to sell fast so dont delay in booking your place.


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