The Pack Experience

The Pack Experience

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The Pack Experience

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Rosser Park Botanical Gardens, 56 Guineas Creek Rd Unit 1, 4223, Gold Coast, Australia


05 November, 2017

The Pack Experience

An essential education in dog psychology and pack dynamics.

Dog whisperers Trish Mitchell and Andy Lea (Dogman Downunder) will each give a talk and answer questions about dog psychology and pack leadership. They will talk about the key dog matters. "Why does my dog do...?"

Then we'll take a pack walk to show you how pack walks improve a dog's life. Andy will let a dog off-lead to show how dogs follow and how to create good recall. It's not about just calling a dog back!

Numbers are limited to twelve dogs-one per owner-with a maximum of three reactive-aggressive on leash. Those three will be required to be muzzled. Owners will see how even agro dogs can become friends or accept other dogs in just one walk.

About the trainers: Trish has been personally trained in the US by The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan and brings her depth of knowledge and wisdom to the workshop.

Andy is the only personal behaviour trainer in Australia who has a lifetime of experience keeping large numbers of hunting dogs together as a pack 24 hours a day. His canine wisdom handed down from grandparents through parents, runs very deep.

With the two together, you have unique opportunity to learn the whole package. Trish & Andy guarantee you will learn things no-one else in Australia can teach you.

Workshop content:

Trish Mitchell The 5 Natural Canine Laws (developed by Cesar Millan)

1. Dogs are primarily instinctual. Humans are primarily intellectual, emotional, spiritual. 2. "Energy" is everything. (Includes an explanation of how inter-species communication works.) 3. Dogs are animals first—then species, then breed, then name. 4. A dog's senses form his/her reality. 5. Dogs are social pack animals with a leader and followers.


Andy Lea * Talking to dogs in their language. The importance of silence. Why the command "sit" is detrimental to creating calm.

* Why dogs are not pets.

* Pack dynamics: How dogs communicate with each other. Domestic packs in the home; how the "experts" have it wrong!

* How a pack walk brings all dogs together into one tribe. (You will experience a pack walk on the day.)

* The importance of off-leash walking in becoming a true pack leader.

* How to use a stick or a staff to protect your dog.

* Leads, collars and harness. The many ways to stop your dog pulling.

And anything else that might come up in questions, time permitting.


PACK WALK led by Andy and Trish.

Final questions.

*Please note! You must be able to hold your dog on leash—if your dog is too strong for you, unfortunately, he/she is not suitable for this workshop. (Both Andy and Trish offer private consultations.) --------- Investment: $125 Payable in full by 5pm Fri 20 October to: Trish Mitchell The Dog Magician BSB 062578 ACCOUNT 10318719 Reference: Pack Experience OR by PayPal at


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